Vintage 1920's Art Deco CHICAGO Silk Chiffon Hand Beaded Speakeasy Flapper Dress


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Vintage 1920's Art Deco Silk Beaded Flapper Dress

Museum quality

This dress was obtained at a Lincoln Park, Chicago estate sale which was an old speakeasy for gambling in the 1920's - 40's. There was an iconic black steel door with the slide part to see who was waiting at the door to come in before entry—like the kind we see in all the movies.

I've included a photo of the door.

This dress was upstairs and the owner allowed me to purchase it from them even though it was not advertised in the sale. She knew it was going into good hands and would be preserved by me.

It is a very old piece of Chicago history and I am so honored to offer this beautiful historical garment to my customers.

I also will be listing a black beaded flapper styled blouse from the same sale.

The dress is made from silk chiffon with an art deco design done using blue glass beads.

The beadwork patterns are incredible and so intricate throughout this garment. It is absolutely stunning!

The neck is a scoop design with beautiful beading around it.

Drop waist with beading around the waist.

Scalloped hem which is so iconic deco flapper era looking, this dress screams the 1920's!

There is a little flap on the side of the waist that covers where the snaps are, there are many tiny little snaps that go up the side and they are hidden, it's so incredible. Be careful when unsnapping them so you do not rip the silk.

The construction on the garment is mind blowing, I cannot believe someone made this dress, it's simply a work of art and should be in a museum.

The sleeves are the coolest part of this dress.

There is actually a vent for the underarm area, which usually is where these garments start to deteriorate due to human sweat.

There are openings on the front and on the back of the huge beaded sleeves, look at how beautifully they lay on your arms. They really look stunning if you are to move and dance in the dress.

The entire dress is lined in brown silk.
This lining is all attached at the waist and makes the dress not see through.
The lining has straps which have been reinforced due to the weight of this garment.

This dress is very heavy due to all the bead work and requires two people when you put it on, the silk it delicate, the bead work is delicate and it is very old, but still wearable and would look gorgeous on any woman because of it's design.

Size: Due to it's design it will fit size S - M It is on my XS mannequin and fits her without clipping.

The waist is a drop waist and the sleeves are generous so it accommodates many women's body types.

Fabric: Silk Chiffon

Condition: This dress was found with a horrible stench and beads falling off. I sent it to an expert / restoration place who is famous for her work on antique garments. She was able to clean and restore this amazing dress. There are some areas with minimal bead loss, it is very old and there are no real noticeable bald spots missing a large amounts of beads, one or two might fall off from time to time, its pretty much impossible for them not to. Fabric shows some very minimal signs of age and wear for being about 100 years old. No holes in the silk or major damage, there are some holes in the lining that cannot be seen while wearing the dress. Does still have a smell even after cleaning, the building was VERY old.

Measurements: fabric has NO stretch to it.

Sleeve: 18"
Bust: 36-38"
Waist: 32-34"
Hips: 46"
Length: 45"

❤️ this is for a serious collector with amazing provenance found in Chicago! You can see the photos of where I bought the dress along with the gambling tables which have been restored and for sale in my mom’s Etsy store - vintagepsychedeliccouture

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