Online Boutique of Rare & Restored Vintage Items

Thanks for visiting Retroland, we are online only for the reason that our items are not to be handled until purchase --- due to costly restoration.

We are collectors ourselves and offer our customers value for their money, since these items are rare & collectible.

All cleaning and repairs are done by skilled professionals who use eco friendly non toxic chemicals to clean our clothing. The cost to clean a dress is $15-35 to give an idea of who we use to clean our garments.

Our shoe cobblers are only the best.

Our furniture restoration people are highly skilled and very expensive.

There is no other store like this in the universe. Our prices are very good compared to what you get from other sellers who do nothing to their items. We take the time and the risk, and for this reason we have loyal clients who visit our shop often.

We ship from two different locations, there is a Chicagoland location and a new Minneapolis area location.

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